Watch the SIIA Semantic Publishing Bootcamp 2014 video!

SIIA recently shared the video of the Semantic Publishing Bootcamp which was held on June 17th in NYC.

Three TEMIS’s major references in Publishing are gathered in this precious video about the ROI of Metadata (with Luxid®).

  • 6’00 – Fernando Mesa, Founder, Clarté – “Why Every Publisher (Large or Small) Needs to Leverage Semantic Technology and Tools NOW”
  • 53’58 – Kathleen Cottay, Senior Manager, Taxonomy and Semantics Analysis at Gannett “News Case Study: Semantics above the fold at Gannett”
  • 1’31’17 – Gene Bishop, VP of Technology, American Lawyer Media – “Legal Case Study: The Verdict on Semantics at American Lawyer Media”
  • 1’54’38 – Meltem Dincer, VP, Smart Content Strategy at John Wiley and Sons “STM Case Study: The Science of Semantics at Wiley”


“Integrating Ontology Management and Semantic Enrichment with Luxid® 7″ | Webinar on July 17, Registration open!


Do not miss our live webinar in July!

This one–hour session will focus on the 7th version of TEMIS’s flagship semantic content enrichment platform, Luxid® 7, used worldwide by leading Enterprises, Publishers and Government agencies to improve the way they structure, manage and exploit their unstructured content.

With a new, significantly redesigned internal architecture, Luxid® 7 offers an even more scalable and robust semantic enrichment pipeline, and now also includes a dedicated ontology management tool, providing its users with an industry–first integrated workflow which is more powerful and more efficient.

During this webinar, we will demonstrate the following key features and benefits of Luxid® 7:

  • Streamlined, Big Data-enabled architecture supporting efficient scale–in and scale–out deployments and rich integrations based on comprehensive REST Web Services,
  • Collaborative web application enabling users to create, edit and maintain an ontology and simultaneously govern how ontological objects are recognized by the Luxid® semantic enrichment pipeline,
  • Real-time Preview showing users how semantic enrichment applies to their documents and enabling fast adjustments directly within Webstudio,
  • NLP–driven Suggestions that accelerate and simplify ontology maintenance or creation from scratch by revealing objects mentioned in the user’s corpus that are not yet included in the ontology.

Register now to discover how Luxid® 7 considerably simplifies and accelerates these key workflows, with improved project delivery schedules and lower total cost of ownership.



Daniel Mayer, VP Product & Marketing

Adrien Ginesty, Product Manager



Thursday, July 17th

U.S.A. 11am EDT – 8am PDT

Europe 4pm BST – 5pm CEST



1 hour



Click here to register


Webinar connection details

This invitation-only webinar will be hosted by Webex Communications.
You will receive the connection details a few days before the webinar.


TEMIS Integrates Ontology Management and Semantic Enrichment in Luxid® 7

Luxid7Luxid® 7’s architecture simplifies key information management workflow for accelerated deployment and lower cost of ownership



New York, NY – July 1st, 2014 – TEMIS, the leading provider of Semantic Content Enrichment solutions for the Enterprise, today announced the launch of Luxid® 7, the seventh generation of its flagship semantic content enrichment platform. With a new, significantly redesigned internal architecture, Luxid® 7 offers an even more scalable and robust semantic enrichment pipeline, and now also includes a dedicated ontology management tool, providing its users with an industry-first integrated workflow which is more powerful and more efficient.


An organization’s ontology – or its subset called taxonomy – describes the objects that are essential to its business (e.g. products, regions, projects, …) and their relationships. Semantic enrichment provides a scalable mechanism to recognize and capture the mentions of such objects and relationships – so-called triples – that are hidden in plain text. In recent years, ontologies and semantic enrichment have become critical to efficiently exploit unstructured content, but they are most often disconnected, requiring intensive, time-consuming, collaboration between domain experts, IT and linguistics experts, to ensure quality results. Luxid® 7 bridges this gap by providing an integrated workflow, thereby considerably reducing the associated time to market and overall costs.


“Luxid® 7 is a powerful and highly scalable semantic enrichment platform, yet it offers simple-to-use, intuitive interfaces for business users and subject matter experts, and easy-to-integrate REST Web Services,” said Daniel Mayer, VP Product & Marketing, TEMIS. “This means our customers can enjoy efficient, integrated workflows, all the while deploying the added value of semantics in all their applications in a fraction of the time required with a disconnected workflow,” he added. “Our intent is to accelerate adoption within customer organizations and make systems integrators more autonomous in delivering high quality services to their own customers.”


NLP-enabled ontology management workflow is simpler, more efficient, and more powerful

An entirely new component of the Luxid® platform, Luxid® Webstudio is a natively multi-user, collaborative web application enabling users to create, edit and maintain an ontology while governing the way ontological objects are recognized by the Luxid® semantic enrichment pipeline. It also leverages the platform’s Natural Language Processing layer to

  • Preview in real time the results of the semantic enrichment process when applied to users’ corpus of documents. This enables users to rapidly see and correct gaps between ontology and real world semantic enrichment, directly within the Webstudio interface, for example by adding variants or adjusting extraction mechanisms.
  • Suggest relevant objects mentioned in the user’s corpus that are not yet included in the ontology. This feature can be extended with any Skill Cartridge® to suggest new objects and relationships based on linguistic patterns, statistics, or machine learning. In this spirit, Webstudio also embeds a Wikipedia-based Skill Cartridge® that suggests synonyms for any given concept. These suggestions can help non Subject Matter Experts to build their own ontologies too.

These powerful features make end-users more autonomous in creating or maintaining an ontology and the corresponding semantic enrichment pipeline. This translates into a considerably simplified and accelerated workflow, enabling improved time-to-market and lower total cost of ownership.


Streamlined, Big Data architecture offers improved scalability and robust integration options

Luxid® Annotation Server is TEMIS’s flagship natural language processing pipeline. Supporting 20 languages and leveraging Skill Cartridges® – the specialized information extraction modules popularized by TEMIS – Luxid® Annotation Server lends itself to a broad range of usage scenarios thanks to its comprehensive range of information extraction engines based on syntactical, statistical, taxonomical, and machine-learning algorithms. In its 7th generation, the pipeline has also been rethought from the ground up to offer

  • A simplified internal architecture exploiting a single data model that reduces overhead, improves CPU utilization and efficiently lends itself to a variety of scale-in and scale-out configurations, for real-time, high-availability or batch content processing applications. Luxid® Annotation Server plays well in both cloud and Big Data (Hadoop) deployments, and flexibly processes ever-increasing volumes of unstructured content.
  • Comprehensive REST Web Services enabling easy integration into any application or workflow. Beyond information extraction itself, virtually all Luxid® features are accessible through Web Services, enabling rich integrations that work hand-in-hand with other applications such as content management systems, portals, search engines, archival and case management platforms, editorial workflow tools, as well as analytics applications.

Thanks to these evolutions, Luxid® 7 provides users with an unparalleled ability to add the value of semantic intelligence to their existing applications in complete coordination with their ontology or taxonomy management processes.


Luxid® 7 leverages TEMIS’s updated Skill Cartridge® Library, a range of off-the shelf, application-specific information extractors, and includes its Content Enrichment Studio suite of tools, ensuring the industrial creation, maintenance and quality evaluation of Skill Cartridges®. Luxid® 7 is a powerful tool for the Luxid® Community, enabling users in a matter of minutes to import any thesaurus or taxonomy and consequently populate the website’s Marketplace with new and innovative annotation resources.


Webinar and Early Access Program
Luxid® 7 will be showcased by TEMIS during a dedicated webinar on July 17th (please register here) and will simultaneously be made available through TEMIS and its network of partners and system integrators. TEMIS is also launching a SaaS Early-Access program that offers customers interested in fast-track access to the product a convenient way to evaluate it. Interested parties are invited to make themselves known to their regular TEMIS point of contact or through TEMIS’s contact page.

TEMIS’s German customers enthusiastic about Luxid® 7!


On June 25th, TEMIS presented Luxid® 7 to an audience of clients and partners in Heidelberg, Germany.



With Luxid® 7, TEMIS extends the capabilities of the software to cover larger and more diverse use cases. With a streamlined, Big Data-enabled architecture, Luxid® 7 includes Webstudio, an NLP-enabled ontology management web application. Luxid® Webstudio provides an industry-first, integrated workflow,  that enables users to collaboratively create, edit and maintain their ontology, preview in real time the results of the semantic enrichment process as applied to their corpus, and adjust extraction mechanisms, all from the same interface. A distinguishing feature of Webstudio is that it leverages Luxid®’s natural language processing layer to suggest relevant objects mentioned in users’ corpus that are not yet included in the ontology.









Claus Blank, Sales Director, TEMIS GmbH


At the launch event in Heidelberg two clients presented their Luxid®-based solutions:

  • Matthias Leybold, Director of Analytics at Deloitte, shared his experiences on using Luxid® on sophisticated e-discovery tasks in the financial sector.
  • Tim Schloen from Fraunhofer IAO in Stuttgart introduced the audience to his work on Technology Monitoring, a practice for which he and his team have been successfully relying on Luxid® for years.









Matthias Leybold, Director of Analytics, Deloitte


“Seeing the system in use in so many different contexts is a strong confirmation for the TEMIS software strategy”, declares Stefan Geißler, TEMIS Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer. “Today we can refer to successful deployments on topics as diverse as Sentiment Analysis, Automatic Indexing, Scientific Intelligence, eDiscovery and many others. Luxid®7 will further enhance our capabilities to bring efficiency and insights for our clients on these tasks.”

For those who were not able to attend, a webinar dedicated to Luxid® 7 will be scheduled in July. Follow us on Twitter to know more about this upcoming event. (@TEMIS_Group)

TEMIS launches Luxid® 7 at SIIA Semantic Bootcamp in New York City

On June 17th, TEMIS set up camp at the McGraw Hill Financial Conference Center in New York City for a Semantic Day split into 2 parts.






We started the afternoon with the SIIA the Semantic Publishing Bootcamp which gathered around 50 people. Focused on the ROI and How-To of Metadata, this event was aimed at helping publishers Go beyond the hype of semantic publishing and metadata and learn how to leverage this important technology for their media business.

Four industry veterans spoke at the event, including three TEMIS customers from leading information providers in media, legal, and scientific publishing, including:

  • Fernando Mesa, Founder, Clarté – “Why Every Publisher (Large or Small) Needs to Leverage Semantic Technology and Tools NOW”
  • Gene Bishop, VP of Technology, American Lawyer Media – “Legal Case Study: The Verdict on Semantics at American Lawyer Media”
  • Kathleen Cottay, Senior Manager, Taxonomy and Semantics Analysis at Gannett “News Case Study: Semantics above the fold at Gannett”
  • Meltem Dincer, VP, Smart Content Strategy at John Wiley and Sons “STM Case Study: The Science of Semantics at Wiley”

photo 10

We thank them all for having accepted to share their experience with their peers and for the high-quality of their presentations.

The show was followed by a very dense 45-minute Q&A session, and an intense networking break.


Click here to get more information on this SIIA event.










After the show, all attendees as well as other TEMIS customers were invited to stay for a TEMIS cocktail party announcing the launch of Luxid® 7, the seventh generation of TEMIS’s flagship semantic content enrichment platform. New York was the first venue for this international launch tour, taking advantage of the SIIA event to catch the attention of the audience on this brand new release. This seventh version of Luxid® based on more simplicity and robustness raised a lot of interest, matching the needs of many people in the audience.










Eric Brégand, CEO










TEMIS Team, with Eric Brégand, CEO, Daniel Mayer, VP Product & Marketing, Guillaume Mazières, EVP North America and Adrien Ginesty, Product Manager.

“This Semantic Day was comprehensive, combining case studies and technical presentations. Participants left the Conference Center with a clear picture in mind of how to exploit semantics to advance their business.” said Guillaume Mazieres, EVP North America. “We look forward to helping them finalize their semantic projects !”

For those who were not able to attend, a webinar dedicated to Luxid® 7 will be scheduled in July. Follow us on Twitter to know more about this upcoming event. (@TEMIS_Group)



ALM Enhances the Value of its Content with TEMIS Semantic Technology


Leading B-to-B Publisher ALM makes its content easier to navigate and exploit thanks to Luxid® Content Enrichment Platform



New York, NY – May 15th, 2014 – TEMIS, the leading provider of Semantic Content Enrichment solutions for the Enterprise, today announced it has signed a strategic license and services agreement with ALM, the leading provider of news and business information to the legal and real estate industries.


Headquartered in New York City, ALM is an integrated media company and a trusted provider of news and information to legal and real estate professionals.


With the goal to further increase the value of its content,  ALM chose TEMIS’s Luxid® Content Enrichment Platform to provide their online subscribers with a next-generation navigation experience based on semantically enriched content, enabling faceted navigation, extensive linking across data sets, as well as content recommendation and powerful analytics.


“We are looking forward to executing on the advanced capabilities of TEMIS’ Luxid® platform,” said Gene Bishop, Vice President of Technology at ALM. “By applying this technology to our content data workflow, we will be enabling our products with better search and providing our customers with the richest of experiences.”


“We are proud to serve the US leader of legal content with our domain-specific semantic content enrichment platform,” said Guillaume Mazieres, Executive Vice President, North America for TEMIS. “Our powerful technology is able to handle the specific ontologies and complex content structures typical of the legal and real estate domains, where we already have an extensive experience.”


Based on patented and award-winning technologies, Luxid® exploits off-the-shelf extractors called Skill Cartridges® to extract targeted information from unstructured content and semantically enrich it with domain-specific metadata. This enables publishers and media organizations to efficiently package and deliver relevant information to their audience. To semantically enrich its content, ALM will leverage the following key features of TEMIS’s Luxid®:

  • Named entity extraction (People, Organization, Location, Function) from news and case law based on ALM’s taxonomy as well as TEMIS’s off-the-shelf Skill Cartridges®.
  • Extraction of domain-specific entities and relationships such aslegal citations(including name of enactment & section number) and legal decisions (including role of each involved party, date of decision, and case number).
  • Cross-linking of related content within and across news, case law and books.


About ALM

ALM is a global leader in specialized business news and information. Trusted reporting delivered through innovative technology is the hallmark of ALM’s award-winning media properties, which include (, The American Lawyer, Corporate Counsel, The National Law Journal and The New York Law Journal. Headquartered in New York City with 16 offices worldwide, ALM brands have been serving their markets since 1843.

ALM, The American Lawyer, Corporate Counsel,, Insight Conferences,, Law Journal Press, Law Technology News, LegalTech, The National Law Journal and Real Estate Forum are trademarks or registered trademarks of ALM Media Properties, LLC.


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RSuite CMS leverages TEMIS’s Content Enrichment Capabilities to Deliver a Powerful Semantic Solution

>> Cliquez sur ce lien pour accéder à la version française

RSI_CONTENT_SOLUTIONSBased on latest-generation NoSQL database by MarkLogic, RSuite CMS and TEMIS unveil end-to-end semantic solution for Content Management


San Francisco, CA – April 7th, 2014 –RSuite CMS a leading content management solution and TEMIS, a market leader for Semantic Content Enrichment solutions, announced today at MarkLogic World 2014 a technology partnership that brings to market a semantically-enabled content management platform for Publishers, Governments and Corporations.


RSuite CMS provides an intuitive user interface that minimizes actions required to execute complex searches across an entire set of content. The solution can globally apply metadata, dynamically organize massive amounts of documents into collections, package and distribute content to licensing partners, and enables customers to meet their multi-channel publishing goals.


By leveraging TEMIS’s Luxid® Content Enrichment Platform, RSuite CMS can enable customers to automatically enrich their content with domain-specific metadata directly within their publishing workflows. This enables faster and more scalable content indexing, improved metadata consistency and governance, more efficient authoring, and more powerful search and discovery features within customer applications and portals.


“Our customers continue to expand their requirements and look to add value to their content, their metadata and publishing processes,” said Jeff Wood, Senior Vice-President, Enterprise Business Development at RSuite CMS. “Adding the ability to leverage Luxid®’s enrichment platform from directly within their RSuite CMS workflows will allow them to significantly increase that value in a seamless and timely fashion.”


“RSuite CMS and Luxid® are a perfect match,” stated John Paty, VP Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, TEMIS. “The highly granular metadata provided by Luxid® is an essential building block for knowledge-centric organizations who want to better manage and exploit their content assets.”


In an environment where unstructured content – 80% of organizations’ information assets – grows by 50% a year, semantic enrichment has evolved into a de facto requirement for efficient information management. At the forefront of this industry trend, TEMIS’ flagship Luxid® Content Enrichment Platform recognizes and extracts relevant items of information – such as entities, opinions, topics, categories and relationships – hidden in plain text and enriches document metadata. By revealing the nature and meaning of enterprise content, it helps optimize their management, packaging, distribution, access, and analysis.


TEMIS and RSuite CMS are both MarkLogic partners and will demonstrate the power of their new synergy this week at MarkLogic World 2014 in the San Francisco Bay area.


About RSuite CMS

RSuite is an enterprise content management system for publishers and media companies.  Facing an ever increasing demand to meet multi-channel publishing goals, RSuite provides the capabilities to manage the full life-cycle of content.  From content creation, management, enrichment, packaging and distribution, RSuite provides the automation necessary to shorten time to market by over 50%.  See why publishers such as HarperCollins, Audible (an Amazon company), Oxford University Press, Sage Publications, and many others use RSuite every day.




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