France’s UNICANCER chooses TEMIS and SWORD to Accelerate Clinical Research by Analyzing Patients’ Electronic Health Records


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Joint project will accelerate the constitution of relevant patient cohorts for clinical research.

Rockville, MD, USA – March 9th, 2015TEMIS, the leading provider of Semantic Content Enrichment solutions for the Enterprise, today announced that its solution Luxid® has been chosen by  France’s UNICANCER, the Federation of French Cancer Centers (CLCCs), as the semantic module for its ConSoRe (Continuum Soin-Recherche) project driven by SWORD Consulting and Services.

Clinical Trials help progress the fight against cancer by validating promising treatments on actual patients. The 20 French CLCCs drive such clinical studies on coherent cohorts of patients who have similar clinical profiles. But identifying patients whose profile matches trial requirements is traditionally a particularly laborious process involving the manual review of potentially millions of patient records. This pre-screening step therefore considerably slows down the launch of clinical studies.

The focus of the ConSoRe project is a search tool enabling Cancer Centers to rapidly aggregate coherent cohorts of patients who meet the required criteria (gender, tumor type, treatment …). “ConSoRe enables researchers to rapidly evaluate the feasibility of their proposed clinical study. If a sufficient number of candidates are identified, they are then contacted to implement the study,” explains Emmanuel Reyrat, Information Systems Director at UNICANCER.

ConSoRe implements a data processing workflow that accelerates this identification phase. At the core of this workflow automated by Antidot’s AIF and AFS solutions, TEMIS’s Luxid® platform extracts medical references, family histories, TNM cancers and tumors classification as well as their locations, from patient records. This information is then indexed as metadata and leveraged in the form of facets to accelerate the search and navigation process within patient records and ultimately the selection of relevant candidates. ConSoRe is currently being tested in 4 pilot CLCCs: Georges-François Leclerc Center in Dijon, Regional Institute of Cancer of Montpellier, Curie Institute in Paris and Léon Bérard Center in Lyon.

In ConSoRe, patient records are first normalized to a pivot format and then semantically structured with the Luxid® platform from TEMIS,” said Frederik Joly, Project Manager, SWORD. “We have been working in close collaboration with TEMIS for several years on semantic projects and a genuine relationship of trust has developed between our two companies.”

The digital transformation comes with a 50% annual increase of unstructured content. In healthcare, analytics applied to «  Textual Big Data  » such as patient records is instrumental both in focusing research, as well as in developing personalized, more efficient and inexpensive treatments,” said Daniel Mayer, VP Product & Marketing, TEMIS. “ConSoRe further affirms Luxid®’s positioning as a strategic accelerator in healthcare.


UNICANCER brings together the 20 French Comprehensive Cancer Centers (FCCC), promotes their cancer research organisation and pools resources and competencies to give a new dynamic to patient care. The French Comprehensive Cancer Centers have held a special place in the French health care system. These private, non-profit establishments are entirely devoted to fighting cancer with a view to public service. They have a threefold mission: patient care, research and teaching. The cancer care and research organisation model of the FCCC has been built around multidisciplinary practice, individualised treatment and a research-healthcare continuum.

UNICANCER in figures: 20 healthcare establishments, more than 110 000 patients hospitalized every year, 18 000 employees, 2 billion euros in total revenue.



About SWORD Group

SWORD Group (NYSE Euronext: FR0004180578 SWP) delivers high value business applications (IT Services & Software) to the world’s largest companies globally. With operations in 50 countries, SWORD today employs over 1,200 people and generates €117.1m in consolidated revenue.

An international leader in the delivery of Business Process Improvement solutions and data optimization, SWORD’s skills, infrastructure and experience help our customers across regulated industries optimize performance, increase efficiencies and maximize return on investment. SWORD has developed expertise in several niche technologies, and in particular in search solutions and semantic data manipulation, through its partnership with TEMIS.

With flexible delivery options, including On Demand and On Premises, combined with our extensive industry expertise, SWORD provides comprehensive support to customers across insurance and healthcare, energy, banking and finance, telecoms, utilities, engineering and construction and the public sector.


TEMIS Named to KMWorld’s 2015 List of “100 Companies that Matter In Knowledge Management”


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Rockville, MD, USA – March 3, 2015 –  TEMIS, the leading provider of Semantic Content Enrichment solutions for the Enterprise, today announced that it was named by KMWorld Magazine to its prestigious list of “100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management”.

Recognizing the top industry influencers in content, document and knowledge management, this 15th edition of the list was compiled by KM practitioners, theorists, analysts, vendors and their customers and colleagues. The annual list is a collaborative snapshot of the evolving and expanding knowledge management industry recognizing companies’ capacity for agile and customer-driven innovation.

Based on patented and award-winning natural language processing technology, TEMIS’s Luxid® Content Enrichment Platform helps organizations structure their textual Big Data so it can be better managed and exploited. Luxid® is a powerful and scalable solution that recognizes and extracts relevant items of information hidden in plain text. Stored as metadata, these items intimately reveal the nature of your informational assets and help boost the efficiency and scalability of all processes involving the management, distribution, access and analysis of textual Big Data.
“TEMIS has once again demonstrated a spirit of strategic innovation this year by seamlessly integrating Ontology Management and Semantic Enrichment into a single, integrated, semantic workflow”, said Hugh McKellar, KMWorld editor-in-Chief. “It is a pleasure to recognize this inflection point by featuring TEMIS in our 100 companies that matter in Knowledge Management.”

“This KMWorld award has a particular flavor,” said Eric Bregand, CEO, TEMIS. “Luxid® 7 has really shaken up the market with its ground-breaking, integrated workflow. By combining natural language processing with ontology management, it offers a dramatically lower total cost of ownership based on simpler and faster subject matter expert workflows, and it enables them to concentrate fully on the value-added part of their job.”

KMWorld magazine provides information and in-depth analysis on the Content, Document, and Knowledge Management markets to help business leaders improve performance. A complete 2015 list of the “100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management” can be found in the March issue.

About KMWorld

KMWorld is the leading information provider serving the Knowledge Management systems market and covers the latest in Content, Document and Knowledge Management, informing more than 30,000 subscribers about the components and processes – and subsequent success stories – that together offer solutions for improving business performance. KMWorld is a publishing unit of Information Today, Inc.


TEMIS Signs Large License Deal in the Swiss Reinsurance Industry

risk management

Luxid® to semantically enrich leading reinsurer’s SharePoint Content Management System for thousands of users

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Heidelberg, Germany – February 3rd, 2015 – TEMIS, the leading provider of Semantic Content Enrichment solutions for the Enterprise, today announced the closing of a large software license deal with a global Swiss reinsurance company which has chosen TEMIS’s Luxid® software to semantically enrich its content in the company’s IT infrastructure.

Because document metadata is often poorly or simply not filled out by end-users, essential information can become extremely difficult to find. Integrated into SharePoint as a background service, Luxid® automatically extracts relevant entities (Names of People, Locations, Events, Opinions, …), terminology or categories mentioned in documents and generates rich and consistent metadata. Stored in SharePoint’s columns, it can be leveraged as search engine facets or within more advanced information access mechanisms (recommendations, topic pages, links, …) to ease and accelerate navigation towards the most relevant content. Available for use by other applications, it also opens new perspectives for all analytics and discovery processes, information management and business process automation tasks.

“Given the volume of documents in this project, we are extremely proud to have been selected over our competitors,” explains Stefan Geißler, Managing Director of TEMIS Deutschland. “With this project squarely in a “Big Data” context, the scalability of Luxid® made the difference. We are looking forward to working closely with this new client in Switzerland on challenging projects!”

Based on patented and award-winning technology, Luxid® Content Enrichment Platform is a powerful and scalable content enrichment solution that natively supports 20 languages and exploits customizable engines called Skill Cartridges® to automatically extract relevant information from textual content. Easy to deploy through REST Web services within any content management system or business workflow application, it enables smarter search, navigation, and analytics and more efficient business workflows.

American Society for Cell Biology chooses TEMIS for Science Navigator application

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ASCBDesigned in collaboration with CODIE award-winning TEMIS, Science Navigator helps members accelerate scientific discovery.

Columbia, MD and  Bethesda, MD – January 6, 2015 –  TEMIS, the leading provider of Semantic Content Enrichment solutions for the Enterprise, today announced an extension of their collaboration with the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) to further hone the ASCB Science Navigator, a bespoke version of TEMIS Luxid® Navigator – Biopharma Edition, as a tool for biomedical research. The ASCB Science Navigator aggregates information from millions of scientific documents and news releases, providing scientists working in basic biomedical research with an efficient, one-stop shop where they can discover insights to drive their research.

ASCB is an inclusive, international community of biologists studying the cell, the fundamental unit of life. ASCB is dedicated to advancing scientific discovery, advocating sound research policies, improving education, promoting professional development, and increasing diversity in the scientific workforce.

“ASCB Science Navigator is a powerful content analytics tool integrating a myriad of information into a single module,” said Stefano Bertuzzi, Executive Director, American Society for Cell Biology. “ASCB members can now quickly find relevant information to drive their research and take the right decision at the right time.”

“We are very proud to partner with the eminent scientists at ASCB. The ASCB Science Navigator is designed for comprehensiveness and efficiency to enable quick access to relevant information,” said Archna Bhandari,  Vice President of Data and Analytics at TEMIS.

The ASCB Science Navigator is based on the 2014 CODiE Award-winning Luxid® Navigator, TEMIS’s user-friendly SaaS analytics application that helps scientists explore and then target pertinent information. Based on a dashboard approach, Luxid® Navigator leverages advanced computational linguistics to dynamically build intuitive visualization widgets that with a few clicks, help users find information that would otherwise have taken hours or days to collate.
The ASCB’s customized application uses some of the Luxid® Navigator’s specific search lenses on key areas of interest such as:

  • Identifying experts: For any scientific topic of interest to the user, Luxid® Navigator builds the roster of relevant experts based on their publications patents, grants, and their co-author network. This helps users see who is doing what and identify potential collaborators.
  • Science of diseases and their treatment: Luxid® Navigator enables a focus on the basic science of disease including disease targets and pathways of interest and their translation into treatment.
  • Updated literature and news in areas of interest: The day-to-day evolution in the topics of scientific interest is identified.

Luxid® Navigator also includes other dedicated search lenses like Clinical Trial Intelligence and Drug Safety modules that enable professionals to gauge the competition’s trials pipelines and optimize their clinical trials, with a better understanding and awareness of relationships between drugs, reactions, patient populations.

Luxid® Navigator was awarded the 2014 CODiE Award for Best Science and Technology Information Solution by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), the principal trade association for the software and digital content industries, and can be freely evaluated at
About ASCB

ASCB, the American Society for Cell Biology, is an inclusive, international community of biologists studying the cell, the fundamental unit of life. They are dedicated to advancing scientific discovery, advocating sound research policies, improving education, promoting professional development, and increasing diversity in the scientific workforce.

Website: Semantically Enriches its Social Sciences and Humanities Content with TEMIS

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CAIRN InfoWith Luxid® Content Enrichment Platform, automates the extraction of bibliographic references and the linking to  corresponding articles.


Paris, France – December 11, 2014  – TEMIS, the leading provider of Semantic Content Enrichment solutions for the Enterprise, has announced today that it has signed a major license and services agreement with, the publishing portal dedicated to social sciences and humanities (SSH). provides SSH students and researchers with a particularly rich collection of journals, magazines, encyclopedias in pocket format, as well as reference works and research publications.


To make its collection easier to navigate, and ahead of the introduction of an additional 20.000 books which will consolidate its role of reference SSH portal, decided to enhance the interconnectedness of SSH publications with semantic enrichment. Indeed, the body of SSH articles often features embedded bibliographic references that don’t include actual links to the target document. therefore chose to exploit the Luxid® Content Enrichment Platform, driven by a customized annotator (Skill Cartridge®), to automatically identify, extract, and normalize these bibliographic references and to link articles to the documents they refer to. The benefit for the reader is that’s collection will function as a smooth to navigate, finely meshed network of publications.


“We are aware that web users are increasingly demanding when it comes to finding what they need. TEMIS’ technology will enable us to improve the user experience substantially by offering more crosslinks between the different types of content available on,” said Marc Minon, CEO, 


“TEMIS is delighted to welcome, a renowned publisher specialized in humanities and social sciences, among its customers. Given the opportunities for adding value to SSH content, I believe this is the start of a long and fruitful collaboration between our two companies,” said Vincent Nibart, Sales Director – Publishing, TEMIS.


Based on patented and award-winning Natural Language Processing technologies, Luxid® exploits off-the-shelf extractors called Skill Cartridges® to extract targeted information from unstructured content and semantically enrich it with domain-specific metadata. Luxid® enables professional publishers to efficiently package and deliver relevant information to their audience, and helps enterprises to intelligently archive, manage, analyze, discover and share increasing volumes of information.


By automatically linking articles with their bibliographic references, Luxid® will facilitate’s processing of its entire archive, enable significant editorial productivity gains, and improve the user experience with rich, connected content, as well as its online visibility and referencing.




Founded in 2005 by four publishing houses, three French (Belin, Erès, La Découverte) and one Belgian (De Boeck), enables Internet users to access a very wide corpus of social sciences and humanities publications in French : a particularly rich collection of more than 400 journals as well as magazines, works of reference and research publications (collective works and monographs), etc. Access to these publications is governed according to’s traditionally flexible and open principles: a single, format-agnostic portal ( with a fair balance between freely accessible and paid content and  very flexible access options for users of a subscribing library i.e. unlimited on-site or remote simultaneous access, with no restriction on saving and printing DRM- free documents).



TEMIS conjugue gestion d’ontologie et enrichissement sémantique dans Luxid® 7


L’architecture intégrée de Luxid® 7 accélère et simplifie ces deux processus clés pour la gestion de l’information.

Paris, France – Le 23 septembre 2014 – TEMIS, leader des solutions d’enrichissement sémantique de contenu pour l’entreprise, annonce le lancement de Luxid® 7, la septième génération de sa plateforme d’enrichissement sémantique de contenu. TEMIS présentera Luxid® 7 lors d’un événement de lancement le 2 Octobre à la Maison de la Recherche à Paris auquel les parties intéressées sont invitées à s’inscrire

Bénéficiant d’une architecture interne optimisée, Luxid® 7 associe un outil de gestion d’ontologie dédié à sa chaîne d’enrichissement sémantique, et offre ainsi  à ses utilisateurs le premier workflow intégré du marché, pour des processus d’enrichissement plus simples et plus rapides, et un coût d’exploitation réduit.

L’ontologie (ou taxonomie) d’une organisation décrit les objets essentiels de son métier (ex. produits, régions, projets, …) et leurs relations. L’enrichissement sémantique fournit un mécanisme qui reconnaît leurs mentions – aussi appelées « triplets » – dans un texte. Ces dernières années, les ontologies et l’enrichissement sémantique sont devenus déterminants pour une exploitation efficace des contenus non structurés, mais restent le plus souvent déconnectés l’un de l’autre, requérant une coordination considérable entre experts métier, départements informatiques et linguistes pour assurer des résultats de qualité. Luxid® 7 comble ce fossé en proposant un workflow intégré, plus simple, plus rapide, et moins coûteux.

« Luxid® 7 offre des interfaces simples et intuitives pour les utilisateurs métier et se base sur des Web Services REST très simples à intégrer », déclare Daniel Mayer, VP Product & Marketing, TEMIS. « Nos clients peuvent désormais adopter des processus plus efficaces et déployer la valeur ajoutée de la sémantique dans leurs applications en une fraction du temps requis avec des systèmes disjoints», ajoute-t-il. « Notre volonté est d’accélérer l’adoption de ces technologies chez nos clients et de rendre les intégrateurs encore plus autonomes dans leur offre de services sémantiques. »

Une gestion d’ontologie plus simple, plus efficace et plus puissante grâce au TAL

Composant entièrement nouveau de Luxid®, Luxid® Webstudio est une application web collaborative qui permet de créer, modifier et maintenir une ontologie tout en gouvernant la manière dont ses objets seront reconnus par le processus d’enrichissement sémantique de Luxid®. Il appuie son analyse sur les couches de traitement automatique du langage pour :

  • Prévisualiser en temps réel les résultats du processus d’enrichissement sémantique appliqué au corpus documentaire des utilisateurs. Cela leur permet d’assurer rapidement l’adéquation de l’ontologie avec l’enrichissement sémantique et de corriger tout écart depuis la même interface, par exemple en ajoutant des synonymes ou en ajustant des mécanismes d’extraction.
  • Suggérer les objets pertinents mentionnés dans le corpus utilisateur et ne faisant pas encore partie de l’ontologie. Ce mécanisme de suggestion offre également aux utilisateurs un excellent outil pour construire une nouvelle ontologie le cas échéant.

Ces fonctionnalités puissantes simplifient et accélèrent donc la création et la maintenance de l’ontologie et de la chaîne d’enrichissement sémantique associée, pour un coût d’exploitation réduit.

Une architecture Big Data optimisée, extensible, et facile à intégrer

Luxid® Annotation Server est la chaîne-phare de traitement automatisé du langage de TEMIS. Grâce à sa librairie de Skill Cartridges® – les modules d’extraction d’information métier popularisés par TEMIS – sa couche linguistique en 20 langues, et sa gamme complète de moteurs morpho-syntaxiques, statistiques, taxonomiques et de machine-learning, Luxid® Annotation Server s’adapte à de nombreux cas d’usage. Dans sa septième génération, la chaîne a été revue en profondeur pour offrir :

  • Une architecture interne plus légère basée sur un modèle de données unique, qui optimise l’utilisation des CPU et s’adapte de manière efficace à une variété de configurations en scale-in et en scale-out, pour des applications en temps réel ou en batch. Luxid® Annotation Server se prête aussi bien aux déploiements Cloud que Big Data (Hadoop), et traite avec flexibilité des volumes croissants de contenu non structurés.
  • Des Web Services structurés en mode REST permettant une intégration simple au sein de n’importe quelle application ou processus. Au-delà de l’extraction d’information elle-même, toutes les fonctionnalités de Luxid® sont accessibles à travers les Web Services, permettant des intégrations riches avec d’autres applications comme les systèmes de gestion de contenu, les portails, les moteurs de recherche, les plateformes d’archivage et de gestion de processus métier, les chaînes éditoriales, ainsi que les outils analytiques.

Grâce à ces évolutions, Luxid® 7 permet d’ajouter la valeur de l’intelligence sémantique à vos applications tout en restant entièrement alignés avec vos processus de gestion d’ontologie ou de taxonomie.

Luxid® 7 s’appuie sur la Skill Cartridge® Library de TEMIS, une gamme d’extracteurs d’information métier et comprend la suite d’outils Luxid® Content Enrichment Studio, permettant de créer, maintenir et évaluer la qualité des Skill Cartridges® de manière industrielle. Luxid® 7 est un outil puissant pour les membres de la Communauté Luxid®, car ils peuvent désormais importer en quelques minutes n’importe quel thésaurus ou taxonomie pour enrichir la place de marché du portail communautaire avec de nouvelles ressources d’annotation innovantes.

Luxid® 7 est disponible dès aujourd’hui via TEMIS, son réseau de partenaires et d’intégrateurs, et sera présenté lors d’un événement de lancement le 2 octobre prochain à la Maison de la Recherche à Paris auquel vous pouvez vous inscrire ici :




Le 2 octobre à Paris, découvrez Luxid 7, le premier workflow sémantique intégré du marché

Rejoignez-nous le 2 Octobre à Paris pour découvrir la nouvelle version de notre plateforme-phare d’enrichissement sémantique Luxid®.
Luxid® 7 s’appuie sur une chaîne d’enrichissement sémantique optimisée, et incorpore désormais également son propre outil de gestion d’ontologie. La plateforme offre ainsi le premier workflow sémantique intégré du marché, plus simple et plus rapide, pour un coût d’exploitation réduit.
Venez donc le découvrir en avant-première !

Lancement Luxid® 7
Jeudi 2 octobre de 9h00 à 11h00

Maison de la Recherche
54 rue de Varenne
75007 Paris

Veuillez cliquer sur le flyer ci-dessous pour accéder au formulaire d’inscription.

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